1 Month Rolling Subscription


  • 4 new and different protein bars carefully curated by us.
  • 4 weeks supply of top quality supplements selected by you and stored inside sealed pouches for safe keeping.
  • Rolling monthly contract.
  • Cancel anytime after 30 days, no hassle!
  • All orders are shipped by first class post for free

Supplement Stack

We work with leading, reputable retailers in order  to provide you the best industry standard dietary products and supplements. Further, all dietary products and supplements have been manufactured in facilities that adhere to GMP and FSA standards.

Weight Management:
- x7 Fat Burner
- x7 CLA
- x7 Green tea extract
- x7 L Carnitine

Muscle & Joints:
- x7 Creatine Monohydrate
- x7 CoQ10
- x7 Omega 3
- x7 Glucosamine

- x7 Multiivitamins
- x7 Vitamin D3
- x7 Vitamin B
- x7 Vitamin C

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