1. How do I order?

Select either our one time, monthly or annually plan from the store page, then provide us with your billing information and you're sorted!

2. When do I get charged?

In relation to our one time boxes, payments will be taken straight away. 

We charge all customers on the day of your order and this will be recurring depending on your subscription plan (every month, 3 months, 6 months or year).

3. How much is delivery?


4. Can I manage my plan and change where my box is delivered? 

Yes of course!

In relation to our one time boxes, just login to 'My account' and select the option to add a new address.

In relation to our monthly subscriptions, all subscriptions are manageable via Paypal. you are in control of your subscription via the Paypal site.

5. Do you cater for people with allergies?

Of course, please let us know if you have any allergies and we will do our best to make sure that we substitute items where possible!

6. Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! We are currently only shipping our 'One time box' and 'One time box mini'. All international orders are posted at a flat rate of £5.99 and are sent via the Royal Mail International Standard delivery option, which roughly estimates that packages should arrive within 3 - 5 days. However, please note that this is subject to delay and unforeseen circumstances.

Quick prices: if you live in the US a One time box is around $35 (exclusive of shipping), if you live in Europe around €28 per month (exclusive of shipping).

Quick prices: if you live in the US a One time box mini is around $17.50 (exclusive of shipping), if you live in Europe around €14 per month (exclusive of shipping).

 Check other currencies at

7. Do I have to subscribe to a rolling contract?

No, you can purchase a one time box or one time box mini without entering into a recurring payment. Furthermore you can purchase a full box from the Letterbox Gains shop which is not subject to a rolling subscription.

8. When is the last day to order?

Order by the 25th of each month and your first box within 3-7 working days. 

What's inside the box

1. What can I expect in my Letterbox Gains box? -

Your box will be jam-packed with a variety of protein bars and supplements, hand selected from the worlds leading brands, to keep your mind, body & taste buds supported, allowing you to reach your desired your goals!

We carefully curate your box to include the newest and best quality products that the fitness industry has to offer. We take great care to send only amazing, high quality, products that we use and enjoy ourselves! You’ll find that we put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month's box in order to bring you 100% guaranteed quality.

2. How will I know what's actually in my box?

We provide you with an email containing a pdf titled "What's in my box" there you will see the bars and supplements we have provided, as well as nutritional information and recommendations.

3. Are the boxes different each month? 

Yes! Each month we supply new protein bars for you to try. The supplement stack will remain the-same. However, we welcome working with new brands so we may use a different brand of supplements in the future. 

4. Do I get to pick what goes in my box?

Letterbox Gains is designed to be an easy and convenient way for you to discover supplements and health snacks. That's why we hand select each product that goes into our boxes. However, we may offer this option in the future.

5. Are products lactose free and/or vegan friendly?

Some products are but this isn't something we guarantee, as the box is a selection of products it is likely some products may not be suitable. 

6. Can I change my supplement stack at anytime after purchase?

If you have selected a subscription plan then you can easily change your stack at any time. Upon purchase of your subscription plan you will automatically be sent an email that directs you the the Moonclerk portal. From there you can select 'Plan' and update your supplement stack details.


1. Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes we do.

2. When will I receive my box ?

In relation to our one time boxes, we aim to ship your box within 3-7 working days after purchase.

In relation to our subscription boxes, we aim to ship your first box within 3-7 working days. After this, your next box subscriptions will ship in the last week of the month. 

Please note, regrettably we do not provide tracking on our orders.

Please note that our estimated delivery dates are estimates only, we cannot guarantee that there will not be shipping delays at times.

3. What if I have a shipping issue with my box?

If there are any issues with your order, please email us at

The more information you supply the quicker the process of getting the problem rectified will be. We will aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

4. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes of course! If you wish to cancel your subscription please email us at Once we have received your notice of cancelation we will review your account and proceed with your cancellation request.

Alternatively, as subscriptions are managed by Paypal, you can log into your Paypal account and cancel further payments yourself. As a courtesy, please email us at so we can update schedule. I

Please note that Subscription payments are non-refundable, if you wish to cancel your subscription and you have been already been charged you will still receive the current months box.

Despite the above provision, you are entitled to cancel a payment for products where fraudulent use has been made of your payment card by a person not acting, or to be treated as acting, as your agent. If you have already made a payment where your payment card has been so fraudulently used, then you should approach your card issuer for recredit to your card.

5. What do I do with my box after it arrives? 

Take a picture and tag us to enter a chance to be a VIP and win a free box. However, you can do anything you want. Our boxes are eco-friendly so they are 100% recyclable. 

6. What happens if i order from the Letterbox Gains Shop?

We work with our trade affiliates to order your chosen item(s) to our office and then we ship it direct to you, using our chosen courier service. Items should be given 3 - 7 working days before they reach you directly.  Please also note that all items in the Letterbox Gains Shop are subject to additional courier fees.

TERMINATION AND REFUNDS - please refer to our T&Cs